February Sun

dubai rig_0002This would be me then, long long ago in place far far away… thinking the “Nedrill Trigon” jack-up rig offshore Dubai c. 1980. The hey-day of the oil biz, I could summon a ‘chopper’ parked on a nearby platform and pay a visit to some mates working on another rig not too far distant. Cool. That didn’t last.

Legend on the shirt (in felt-tip marker pen) is “Get Happy” … title of a 1980 LP by Elvis Costello (I would no longer have known this but for the wonder of Spotify 😉

Reckon the photo taken around February time of year, pleasantly warm ahead of Dubai’s scorching Summer. In fact probably not all that much warmer than it was here in Isle of Dogs this February 23rd (21 degrees), though unseasonably so.

Great knees – Eh!