an impression, trace that remains of something once here, or that passed this way

Tibetan teacher Tsongkhapa in 1397 used the word shul to explain the Buddhist belief of Emptiness. The belief means I exist only in relation to all I perceive in the World outside my head.

Setting down this imprint evidences not an existence, only that a perceived World is sense-able. Only codependent origination can be the ground, the frame validating one’s time, having arisen out of nothingness to persist a while before reverting to eternal concealment.

So the desire to write here of the recordings of a mind, memories of crossings, interactions with others’ minds, and of shared perceptions of the World.

As John Donne ‘No man is an island‘. As Heraclitus ‘All is One‘. No independent self, no inner me, no soul to persist beyond natural life-span.

When too others are gone and along with them their impressions of me … then my words following will be the only trace of my consciousness its thoughts and perceptions having ever existed in the World.

Every man has within himself the entire human condition.” ~ Michel de Montaigne

trace: Toke Oen

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